G.F. Giovannini Furio has been making and selling patented brass fittings for water for more than 40 years. From May 2000, our QUALITY SYSTEM complies with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, updated to ISO 9001:2008 by DNV Italia.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the use of highly qualified raw materials for which we are able to provide the testing certificates issued by our suppliers for each batch. In the aforementioned certification, the technical characteristics and the chemical composition of the material used is specified, as well as compliance with Ministerial Decree 174 for contact with potable water.

The production of G.F. is carried out on lathes and transfer machines, all numerically controlled, in order to guarantee fast production and flexibility in the tooling of the various machinery, allowing the production of both large and small batches. These lathes, almost all robot controlled, also guarantee high precision and reliability over time, allowing the construction of an outstanding quality finished product.

Procedures have also been launched for dimensional control of the pieces in order to prevent non-compliant products from coming out of the production cycle.

Samples of G.F. products are subjected to testing at an accredited laboratory.

The objective of production within G.F. is to maintain adequate warehouse stock in order to guarantee quick shipping of orders. This allows us to meet any request without the obligation of a minimum quantity.

The flexibility of the production line makes it possible to manufacture special parts on request.

The internal assembly of the various parts is carried out manually and with painstaking attention to detail.