Assembly instructions

To make installation of the fitting easier and to prevent damaging the gasket, we recommend deburring and slightly smoothing the end of the pipe and lubricating the gripping section with soapy water or lubricant for food use.

 The UNIRAPID fitting is supplied ready for installation. It is extremely simple and quick to assemble in that it requires no operation of disassembly and reassembly, but just insertion all the way of the pipe into the fitting seat. Assembly does not require the use of tightening tools because the conical ring ensures, in any case, mechanical resistance to removal, in that the same force which tends to remove the pipe triggers, thanks to the conical coupling between ring nut and ring, compression on the pipe which is automatically locked with utmost safety.

The pipe fitting coupling is at the same time extremely practical and flexible in that the two components are free to rotate with respect to one another, allowing alignment at any time and, in the case of straight fittings, screwing the fitting with other branches.

Disassembly instructions

The pipe-tightener ring nut, simply screwed in without the use of tightening tools, can also be disassembled manually at any time for maintenance operations or system modifications. Once the ring nut has been removed, simply remove the pipe from the fitting.

At this point, using a pair of pliers or a simple screwdriver, simply widen the toothed ring and this also comes out easily.