Armoured Fittings

Our fitting for mixed metal-plastic joints in systems for water distribution, made with multilayer-armoured pipe, is simple and quick to use. One of the main characteristics is having the internal pipe fixed onto the body of the fitting itself. This characteristic is particularly useful in the assembly phase because, unlike other fittings on the market, the mobile reinforcing pipe does not need to be inserted first and then the fitting body. This prevents the possibility of various components falling, especially when working inside pits with limited space.

The hydraulic seal is inside the pipe, ensured by two O-Ring gaskets mounted on the previously described pipe, in order to prevent water infiltration between the various layers of the pip, from the inside out, and the infiltration of any contaminating agents from the outside in. The hydraulic seal is also guaranteed in the event that the end of the pipe is not cut perfectly. On the internal stop of the pipe, a plastic washer is inserted (PTFE), the purpose of which is to isolate the fitting from the layer of aluminium present in the pipe in order to interrupt its electrical conductivity.

The mechanical seal is ensured by a brass ring, self-tightening, with internal ringed grooving to grip the pipe and tightened by a ring-tightener ring nut. At the end of the external threading, on the body of the fitting, there is another O-Ring that acts as a vibration damper and ensures the seal of the tightening between the ring nut and the body.

The male threaded connection is conical in accordance with Standard UNI EN ISO7, whereas the female connection is cylindrical in accordance with Standard UNI EN ISO 228.